What is Real Ale Finder?

Real Ale Finder is two apps with one purpose, to connect the people who love real ale (and cider) to their favourite pint wherever they are.

Inventory management, tools and reports for pubs and up to date information with push notifications for real ale drinkers.

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Real Ale Finder Android App


How does it work?

When the bar manager puts a new ale on, they simply scan the pump clip using our pub app and the image recognition software does the rest.  All they have to do next is confirm the matched beer.  The process only takes a few seconds and a central database is automatically updated.

Real Ale Finder - where does the data come from?


What's in it for pub owners?

  • Simplified sharing on social networks when an ale becomes available
  • A beer board in the form of a web page and QR code for the pub
  • Engaged customers who perhaps may not have visited otherwise
  • Statistics and information about visitors and ales
  • An easy to use and completely FREE service
Real Ale Finder - what's in it for pubs?


Simplified Sharing

Pubs can let their customers know what's on the bar today in just a few seconds with our sharing templates or share a single item straight from your inventory. Appropriate breweries are automatically tagged on Twitter.

Social sharing templates


Digital signage in the pub

We can also offer a VERY low cost digital signage solution for the pub displaying beers and ciders currently available.  Whenever you update your inventory with our app the screen is updated immediately.  Choose from an existing template or we can design one for you.

This also opens up other possibilities such as additional revenue by allowing local businesses to advertise.

Real Ale Finder - digital signage, on screen beer board


What about the customers?

  • REAL TIME notifications are sent out to users when an ale they are interested in becomes available nearby or when their favourite pub has a new ale on.

  • An interactive map shows pubs nearby, simply tap for a list of ales that are currently available along with tasting notes and more information.

  • Use the app to search for a favourite ale or an ale from a favourite brewery within a specific travelling distance.


More information

Real Ale Finder (pub app) is currently available for Android with an iOS version due to be released soon.  The consumer version of the app (Android) is available now with an iOS version due to be ready by spring.  To find out more follow us on Twitter, or alternatively enter your email address below to join the mailing list.

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