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What is Real Ale Finder?

Two apps with one purpose, to connect the people who love real/craft ale and cider to their favourite pint wherever they are.

Inventory management, tools and reports for pubs and up to date information with push notifications for real ale drinkers.

For Pubs


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So easy to set up our cellar inventory. Any new beers have their badges and tasting notes are tracked down and uploaded within minutes. Social media updates are now a breeze, the bulletin boards look great and the one by one announcement option allows us to update our followers immediately as cask, kegs or ciders change. Plus the brewers are tagged in our tweets too which takes out the guesswork.
Robert - Prairie Schooner, Urmston

Simple and easy to use.
Stephen Murhpy - The Sir John Moore, Glasgow

Great app. Never be stuck with a poor selection of beer, you can see what's on at a pub before you've even walked through the door. Well done.
Danny Taylor - The Black Horse, Preston

This app is the benchmark. It is indispensable for all real ale pubs and without doubt essential for every Micropub.
Barry - Lord Hop, Nuneaton


How does it work?

Our app has an inventory system and with our super fast search tool adding new products on delivery day is a breeze!  If you have a product that's not on our database simply tap NOT FOUND, send either a photo or a few details and we'll do the rest within the hour.

Real Ale Finder - where does the data come from?


What's in it for pub owners?

  • Simplified sharing on social networks
  • A mobile friendly web beer board
  • Engaged customers notified via our consumer app
  • Reports and tools
  • Feed for an in pub TV screen
  • An easy to use COMPLETELY FREE service
Real Ale Finder - what's in it for pubs?


Simplified Sharing

Pubs can let their customers know what's on the bar today in just a few seconds with our sharing templates or share a single item straight from your inventory. Appropriate breweries are automatically tagged on Twitter.

Social sharing templates


Digital signage in the pub

We can also offer a FREE feed for use with a TV screen in the pub, this is quick and easy to set up.

Whenever you update your inventory with our app the screen is automatically updated saving you valuable time.

Choose from an existing template or we can design one for you.

Real Ale Finder - digital signage, on screen beer board


What about the customers?

  • REAL TIME notifications are sent out to users when an ale they are interested in becomes available nearby or when their favourite pub has a new ale on.

  • An interactive map shows pubs nearby, simply tap for a list of ales that are currently available along with tasting notes and more information.

  • Use the app to search for a favourite ale or an ale from a favourite brewery.


More information

Real Ale Finder (pub app) is currently available for Android and iOS with the download link here.  The consumer version of the app is now also available for Anrdoid and iOS. 

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